Dwarven Epics

A lost species of Dwarves, abandoned for centuries, have evolved to utilize Blackrock in their everyday lives. Tasked with garrisoning a long-lost keep, they have secrets that they hide in the Below.



DK1 - Delverrs Keep - III 5967

Delverr's Keep

In the rugged wastes of scrub and clay, an isolated keep rises from the Monadnock Surround staffed with a complement of Delverr Dwarves whose tribes have been the sentinels of this waste for centuries.

DK2 - Delverrs Keep - III 65974

Delverr's Cave

Although deep underground, a seeping cold envelops you as you descend in the Below. Strange, icy breezes gust through expansive chambers revealing massive antechambers... and dangers that lurk in the mist.


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Meet the Creators

Jared Nielsen
Writer, terrain-maker and game designer of the Delverr's Keep series, Taloc Mayan, and EMP Shockwave

Jared Nielsen
Author and Designer

Freddy Lopez
Artist and Illustrator for the Dwarven Epics line

Freddy Lopez

Darrin Drader
AnySystem Character Conversions and Stat Blocks

Darrin Drader
Author and Game Designer

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