A World of Game Design

Every game explores a world of adventure that comes from the imagination of the creators who already live in them in their minds. This is the magic that is the World of Game Design where we will share our techniques and stories of our worlds.


Featured Worlds

Delverrs Keep

Dwarven Epics:
Delverr's Keep

In the rugged wastes of scrub and clay, an isolated keep rises from the Monadnock Surround staffed with a complement of Delverr Dwarves whose tribes have been the sentinels of this waste for centuries.

Cthulhu Epics

Cthulhu Epics:
Dogon Temple

A group of modern investigators gain entry to an unexplored temple covered by desert sands. The Dogon Underground reveals secrets of an ancient civilization... and what else?

EMP Shockwave

EMP Shockwave:

Near future oligarchs who sought to corner the energy market accidentally plunged the Earth into a an apocalyptic society as EMP radiation nullified all generated power. As society decayed, modern institutions tribalized...

Castle Prysim

Castle Prysim

Some worlds get real on the tabletop. The AdventureHex line of terrain includes terrain pieces that start as a 7" hexagon but have written into them a self-contained adventure!

Tools and Kits

We create tools and resource kits to help you get started with your worldbuilding activities.

Meet the Creators

Jared Nielsen
Writer, terrain-maker and game designer of the Delverr's Keep series, Taloc Mayan, and EMP Shockwave

Jared Nielsen
Author and Designer

Melanie O Hansen
Terrain sculptor and wand maker, Melanie is the force behind the scatter terrain bits for campsites & dungeons

Melanie O Hansen

David MacGregor
Creative force behind Castle Prysim and its series of AdventureHex products - now on episode #5!

David MacGregor
Author and Game Designer

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